Marketing Minor

The minor in Marketing is offered to students pursuing a non-Business major. The Marketing minor complements the skills that a student gains in his/her major discipline by enhancing the knowledge and abilities related to marketing situations and processes and the emerging global market. Upon completion of the 18 outlined hours, students will receive a minor in Marketing concurrently with the Bachelor's degree in his/her major area. It is the student's responsibility to meet any prerequisites for the courses in the minor.

A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses with the following prefixes: AC/AG/BU/EC/ET/FB/IB/MG/MK.
Marketing Minor Required Courses (9 Hours)
MK330 Principles of Marketing (3)
MK366 Advertising (3)
MK430 Strategic Marketing (3)
Three (3) Courses from the Following (9 Hours)
BU228 E-commerce (3)
CS214 Web Page Design (3)
CT201 Public Relations (3)
CT230 Mass Media (3)
CT330 Business Communications (3)
MK235 Consumer Behavior (3)
MK339 Sales Management (3)
MK378 Marketing Research (3)
Last updated: 08/07/2023