Health Science, Generic Program

Health Sciences (4-year Generic program)

Are you ready to develop a knowledge base that prepares you to be a part of a treatment team in the health care field? Do you have an interest in health-related career paths? CMU’s Health Sciences major provides our students with the skills employers are looking for in the health care industry, and the education needed for success in health-related graduate programs.

The goal of the Health Science degree programs is to prepare qualified students for in-demand careers in the health care industry.  Knowledge is acquired within a liberal arts experience which emphasizes honesty, integrity, civility, and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Educational preparation includes promotion of lifelong learning, social responsibility, and service.  

Health Science education is a process which enables the learner to synthesize a body of knowledge obtained through courses in health science, liberal arts, humanities, and the sciences. Because health care is dynamic, the education is foundational for professional growth through research and continuing education.  

The faculty believe that the learner is best able to reach individual potential in an environment that is nurturing and promotes inquiry, dialogue, curiosity, creativity, the ethical ideal, and assertiveness. The learner brings an attitude of commitment and motivation for achievement. The role of the learner is to share in the responsibility of the teaching-learning process.  

The teacher interacts with students as persons of worth, dignity, intelligence, and high scholarly standards. The teacher's role is to provide the climate, structure, and dialogue that promotes discovery of patterns and paradigms in health care practice. The teacher raises questions that require reading, observation, analysis, and reflection. The teacher nurtures the learner, is available for dialogue, and promotes the use of research and critical thinking in the delivery of health care services.

About This Program

The Health Sciences program prepares you for an in-demand career in ever-evolving and growing fields. You will receive challenging and rewarding academic experiences, as well as hands-on learning. If you are looking for a program to prepare you for entry-level administrative positions in the health care industry, or graduate studies in a health-related field, the Health Science Degree program is the program for you!

As a CMU Health Sciences major, you will have opportunities to:

  • develop leadership and communication skills vital for success in the health care industry
  • apply research to practice through case studies and practicum experiences
  • take classes such as Issues in Current Professional Practice, Health Care Law, and Client Education and Health Care
  • participate in hands-on learning through coursework and practicum experiences
  • become a candidate for employment who is highly desired for your management and leadership skills, and who stands apart due to your compassion and dedication
Health Science Program Outcomes
  • Demonstrate leadership with technical proficiency and graduates demonstrate use of principles of management and leadership evidence in: management of fiscal, physical and human resources.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving to the provision of health care services evidenced by successful completion of internships or clinical practicums.
  • Incorporate the principles of communication, advocacy, and health care education into practice.
  • Exhibit commitment to individual growth as a lifelong learner evidenced by: 
    1. continuing formal education, informal education: 
    2. reading professional refereed journals,         
    3. participating in shaping the healthcare delivery system.
    4. Demonstrate collaboration with other healthcare providers to promote the full human potential.
Majors and Minors

Major Minor

Health Sciences Minor Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (Generic)
Last updated: 08/03/2022